Why "Transformation"?

Since Acts4Rwanda’s inception in 2013, the word “transformation” has always been synonymous with the work we do. As we see child after child experience the hope of a brighter future, we can’t think of a better word that encapsulates what we are witnessing. 

By definition, transformation means “a change in condition, nature, or character.” Not only were these children’s physical lives being changed through meals, bedding, clothing, and school supplies, we were also seeing in them a new spiritual maturity, a passion for learning, and a realization that their lives could truly change for the better.

Fast forward 11 years, and we have seen 226 impoverished children come through our program, with 27 of our alumni currently attending universities across the globe and seven with completed degrees. Now THAT is transformation! 

Our current space

With that in mind, it only makes sense that we call our base of operations in Kigali “the Transformation Center”. If you’ve spent any time around Acts4Rwanda, you’ll know that we affectionately refer to it as simply “the TC”. The TC is our hub for activity, containing staff offices, classrooms, a computer lab, kitchen, library, outdoor pavilion, and sports area.


Our students come here after school every day of the week to study, play, eat, sing, dance, learn, and spend time with their friends. On Saturdays, we have Bible studies at the TC and feed the children another meal. The TC truly serves as a second home for our students.


Our current TC is a rented residential home. In recent years, our landlord has become increasingly unpredictable, and we fear that our lease could be terminated at any time with little to no notice.


Losing our physical space would be devastating to our operations, and would almost eliminate our ability to function as an organization.

On top of that, the children we serve have experienced very little consistency in their lives, and the loss of the TC would just be another blow to their confidence as they work to break the cycle of poverty. Having a permanent home for Acts4Rwanda would provide a much needed sense of stability and security for our students.

Lastly, since our current space is a residential home, it is not very conducive to our needs as an organization. Building our own space will allow us to design it to fit our needs, rather than trying to make it work with what we’ve got.


For all these reasons, we have purchased a plot of land with the intent to build our very own Transformation Center. A permanent home for Acts4Rwanda. A bastion of stability, security, and safety for children who come from unstable, unpredictable lives.


Architect and former Board Chairman, Glen Woodruff, has graciously agreed to create the designs for the new TC, which will be tailored to meet our specific needs (see images). We recently hired a General Contractor, and we are currently in the process of getting permits from the city of Kigali. Once we obtain those, we’ll be able to break ground!


We wouldn’t be able to do this project without you! Please see below for a breakdown of our projected expenses and ways you can support.


Land purchase: $115,000

Building costs: $250,000

Contractor: $15,000

Project Manager: $10,000

Miscellaneous: $5,000

Total: $395,000

We are so grateful for any amount you are able to give. Please consider sponsoring any of the following items to help us reach our goal!

$250 – Brick

$500 – Table

$1,000 – Desk

$2,500 – Chalkboard

$5,000 – Laptop

$10,000 – Classroom

$25,000 – Building