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Hope in Kigali​

In 2013, Lynda Weir was on a missions trip in Kigali. As she walked the slums of the capital of Rwanda, she saw many small children on the street. 

Lynda asked her trip leader why weren’t these precious children in school, and the answer broke her heart. Their parents simply couldn’t afford it. Moved by compassion, Lynda decided to do something and founded Acts4Rwanda.

Six years later Acts4Rwanda has served over 170 children with over 130 students currently in the program. 

One act of love has had tremendous effect on the lives of many vulnerable children, and we are thankful for our sponsors and donors who see the same potential Lynda saw in 2013.

Acts4Rwanda Timeline
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FOUNDED in 2013

Acts4Rwanda was founded in 2013 by supporting just 13 impoverished children. From the beginning, the mission was to change lives and communities through providing education or the vocational equivalent children.

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Growing in 2014

In just one year, Acts4Rwanda doubled in size and we were able to provide for even more children. We enrolled 26 students in school at the beginning of 2014.

Acts4Rwanda Transformation Center


In 2015, Acts4Rwanda enrolled 48 students in all grade levels. We opened our Transformation Center and started our after school feeding program. We also hired David Aleriki as country director based in Rwanda.

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bought acts4farms in 2016

Acts4Rwanda began 2016 with 86 students. We also purchased land for Acts4Farms totaling 13 acres of prime rural agricultural land outside Kigali. The farm land was planted with crops and 100 banana trees. We launched a sewing training program for 14 mothers of our ActsAchievers who needed to learn a viable skill to better provide for their families. We graduated over 20 trained tailors in the next 2 years. In 2018 it became an independent 501c3 known as Women’s Initiative International and continues successfully today. 


Continued to grow from 2017-2019

We continued to grow from 2017-2019. In 2019, many of our first Secondary School graduates achieved great success on their National Exams and won competitive tuition scholarships. In fact, one was the top non-science student in all Rwanda. Today, 10 ActsAchievers are University students studying around the world in China, Kenya, Costa Rica and Rwanda.
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Continued to grow from 2017-2020

In 2020, both boards agreed on a strategic vision plan to purchase our current Transformation Center. We held our first annual Umugisha Dinner and a significant number of donations were given to this project and our efforts for this project continue today. Acts4Rwanda began with 13 students, and today we have over 130 students in our program. We are looking forward to what the future holds for us and our students in Rwanda!

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