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Felicia grew up in one of the poorest of slums in Kigali with her parents and little brother. When asked what life was like before joining Acts4Rwanda, Felicia immediately said, “Bad, very bad.” Her parents worked hard, but it often was not enough to provide for basic needs. This left Felicia starving each night and unable to attend school.

Because of the Feeding Program, she is now a spunky and fiery personality. As one of the earliest in the program, she was failing 1st grade, but now is in the top of her class. Felicia dreams of becoming a doctor one day, and this dream is now is achievable because of the work God has done in her life through Acts4Rwanda.

Web Mike


Hi! I’m Mike and I am 18 years old and live in Kigali, Rwanda. Before joining the sponsorship program, it was challenging for my family to fund my education. It was difficult to keep my grades high and to stay focused when my attendance was so sporadic. 

My grades immediately went up when Acts4Rwanda stepped in and sponsored my education. Through Acts4Rwanda, I even got the opportunity to attend Cornerstone Leadership Academy. I majored in history, economics, and geography and underwent three years of spiritual and academic development. 

In February, the National Exam results came out and I scored a perfect 73/73 and ranked at the top. I am grateful to God who made my biggest dream come true! I am truly thankful to the Stewart family, who have believed in me and encouraged me for years. 

Acts4Rwanda has not only impacted my education, but more importantly my spiritual life. In 2014, I had become a radical Muslim, but Acts4Rwanda helped me find my true spiritual path. I currently serve in my church, and my spiritual life has been transformed by Christ! Thank you Acts4Rwanda!



I am 20 years old, and I am the youngest of six children. I was born in Rwanda, but my nationality is Congolese. I live with both my parents and my siblings in the Kiziba refugee camp. I am enrolled at Earth University under the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship.

I started primary school in the refugee camp and didn’t have to pay anything. However, secondary school was more complicated. My parents were unable to afford the school fees even though I was accepted to a great boarding school. I chose to go back to the Kiziba refugee camp to do my ordinary level there, but it was not easy. I wanted to drop out of school, but I knew that I needed an education for a good future. Through all those difficulties, I was blessed with the courage to continue shaping my future and completed my ordinary level with good marks. 

When I met David Alireki from Acts4Rwanda in the refugee camp, I opened up and shared my story with him. I was surprised because I was not expecting anyone to understand my situation. I felt thankful for his compassion and felt like half my problems were solved just by having someone to talk to. 

I joined Acts4Rwanda in 2016. I started feeling hope and I knew I was being transformed through education and discipleship. It was great to live with other Acts4Achievers and learn from their life experiences. We played games together and I felt loved and cared for. I learned about the Word of God and to love our neighbor as ourselves. I learned that the challenge isn’t the situation we are placed in, but how we handle the situation. Acts4Rwanda is the best family I’ve ever had. They taught me to bring hope where there is no hope and to confidently face every situation I’m in. 

I am very grateful for Acts4Rwanda for helping me knock on different doors with different opportunities. Though many were closed due to my refugee status, I was encouraged by Acts4Rwanda to never give up. I kept trying and was blessed with a scholarship to Earth University. I am thankful for Acts4Rwanda for being a blessing and a family to me. I pray to God that they may have an unending harvest from the seeds that they poured in us.

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