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For the same cost as a monthly dinner at your favorite restaurant, you can change the life of a vulnerable child forever. In addition to providing all of the physical things listed below, your child’s participation in the Acts4Rwanda program provides them with hope for their future, a sense of community and belonging, and an opportunity to grow in their relationship with Jesus alongside fellow believers. Even though our program is young, we’re already seeing the massive impact that this holistic approach to transformation provides. Become a sponsor today!

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Your monthly sponsorship provides:

Tuition fees

There is no free public education in Rwanda, so all of our students attend private schools

school supplies

Without school supplies, our students wouldn’t be able to participate in class or take their exams

exam prep

Our students are regularly prepared for the annual National Exam. Many are in the top of their class


We provide a daily lunch for our students. For some, this is their only meal each day


Every day, our students receive support with their homework to ensure their academic success


Most of our students sleep on cold dirt floors, so we provide them with a mattress and blanket

School uniforms

Our students are required to wear uniforms and specific shoes in order to attend school

New bible

Most of our students have never owned a Bible in their lives. Owning one in their native language is transformational

Give the Gift of Education and Opportunity

to a vulnerable child in rwanda

Give the Gift

of education and hope