Learn about the impact your end of year giving can make on the lives of our amazing students and how to double your donation!

Hope through education

As we celebrated our 10-year anniversary this year, it has been incredible to see all that God has done in the past decade! Our feeding program has provided over 300,000 meals, we have seen 226 children come through our program, and we currently have 152 enrolled. We have 27 alumni attending universities across the globe, and seven have completed their undergraduate studies (five graduated this year!). This is an incredible testament to the hard work our students are putting in to achieve their dreams, considering less than 10% of Rwandans graduate from high school and less than 3% possess a college degree. 


Because of this, the reality remains that there are still thousands of at-risk youth in Rwanda who lack educational resources and don’t know where their next meal will come from. More than 60% of Rwandan children have never been to school or have not completed primary school. Roughly 40% of Rwandan children under five years old are chronically malnourished. The need is overwhelming. For many of these children, education is their only hope of breaking the cycle of poverty that cripples so many families in Rwanda.

ALINE's story

Acts4Rwanda’s holistic model of spiritual, educational, and physical transformation continues to prove successful year after year.


Take Aline Gihozo’s story for example: “Before joining Acts4Rwanda, my life was very, very hard. But now Acts4Rwanda has made me a strong woman who is able to achieve my goals. I appreciate Acts4Rwanda because I am the first person in my family who has finished high school and has ever attended university.


As we look to 2024, we dream of reaching even more students like Aline by starting construction on our new Transformation Center, expanding our university program, and growing our staff to prepare for future growth. Your support is making these initiatives a reality, and we can’t do this without you. Your year-end gift is making a profound impact on the life of a vulnerable child.

Between now and December 31st, any donations made to Acts4Rwanda will be DOUBLED up to $10,000. Will you consider making a donation this Christmas to support these amazing students? 
Thank you so much for making a difference in the lives of these incredible children!
You can also give by check. Make checks out to “Acts4Rwanda” and mail them to our office:
11610 Pleasant Ridge Rd
Ste 103-173
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